Face Mask N95


Skin Friendly Face Mask

Our pollution masks N95 are made of cotton, with 5 layers structure carbon filter to catch the smallest particles from PM2.5 up to 0,3µ.

Pure Breathe face mask is skin friendly, comfortable and equipped with breathing valve.

Easily replace your carbon filters N95 to ensure a total protection.

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Stay away from pollution, dust, allergy, bacteria, viruses... with an effective pollution face mask ! 

Receive 2 Free filters for every Pure Breathe Mask purchase !

Breathe Free, Breathe with style... Take a Pure Breathe Mask !


Why Pure Breathe pollution masks ?

Pure Breathe masks have one way smart breathing valve(s) to remove heat, moisture and control exhaled air flow, to make you breathe free.

A mask that filter out small particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3 and protect from smoke, pollen, allergy and pathogens.

You receive 2 carbon filters N99, to filter out almost 100% of pollution, gases, toxic volatiles compounds, bacteria and viruses.

Recommended mask for people at risk, with respiratory issues and people cycling or travelling through polluted area.

Certified CE , ISO 9001, SGS, BSCI, CNAS

" Breathe Free... Breathe Naturally , Take a Pure Breathe Mask !"