Sport Face Mask


Pure Breathe Sport face masks are a must have to keep you out of gas pollution and  toxic volatiles compounds. A real anti pollution solution

Our carbon filter N99 with 6 layer structure catch the smallest particles from PM2.5 up to 0,3µ 

Adjust and easy remove your 2 breathing valves to change your filters.

Get 2 Free filters for every Pure Breathe Mask purchase !

Soft, skin friendly and comfortable, take a Pure Breathe while running the city !

Why Pure Breathe pollution masks ?

Pure Breathe masks have one way smart breathing valve(s) to remove heat, moisture and control exhaled air flow, to make you breathe free.

A mask that filter out small particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3 and protect from smoke, pollen, allergy and pathogens.

You receive 2 carbon filters N99, to filter out almost 100% of pollution, gases, toxic volatiles compounds, bacteria and viruses.

Recommended mask for people at risk, with respiratory issues and people cycling or travelling through polluted area.

Certified CE , ISO 9001, SGS, BSCI, CNAS

" Breathe Free... Breathe Naturally , Take a Pure Breathe Mask !"