About us - Why and who we are ?

Why Pure Breathe


Pure Breathe Co. is originally designed to offer a protective solution against pollution in Major cities around the world.

We want to provide an anti pollution mask for those who cycle to work, cycle for work or just for people who cycle for fun, and want to avoid inhaling all these toxic compounds that flow into the air.

Not only bikers are facing pollution issues, every commuters is subject to bad air quality.

The population growth in the world's major cities, can unfortunately cause undesirable effects for the environment and our health.

Most of the cities, suffer from bad air quality, and is gradually becoming unbreathable. The mix of toxic particles rejected by industries, polluting transports, dust, bacteria and other volatiles compounds could harm us dangerously.

Also people living and travelling in urban areas are daily facing air pollution issues. 

Obviously, we are the first victims of this ecological and environmental disaster! 

In order to fight against bad air quality, we constantly look at several sources to minimize the impact of undesired pollution effect. 

Useful tools like ou real time Air quality index http://aqicn.org/map/ could help you to choose or not wearing a mask depending of the level of pollution in your area.

Our main goal is to make people aware about this major issue : Air Pollution 


Pure Breathe Mask - info pollution about us


Who We Are 


We are a team of cyclists and amateur runners, for whom it was unthinkable to wear an anti-pollution mask during our daily commute. 

After a while we start reflected on the air quality we are daily breathing.

Simple fact... That's not so pure... Isn't it ?

But wearing a mask...No way, to wear a mask !

" I'll be like Darth Vader, and it will be very weird and uncomfortable!"

That's what most of us thought...!

After thinking about the toxic inhalation of exhaust fumes during our bike trips through the busy traffic full of cars, buses and trucks,...

We finally found we were only breathing harmful toxic compounds for our lungs.

Doing sport is well advised to ventilate our bronchi, but not to contaminate them with chemical elements such as benzene evacuated by the exhausts ...

"So why not give it a try?

Let's try a mask on our way to work, and see if it's really efficient?"

After a week, we came along with an amazing result !

The team was really surprised by the efficiency, the lightness and the comfort of wearing a mask while cycling or running the city.

" The mask is absolutely not disturbing, you get used to, you don't even feel it, you just want to keep it, it really help!"

That's how we decided to help people to understand the meanings of wearing a mask while commuting in polluted cities.

A simple idea was born: "How can we provide a light, soft, comfortable, efficient and affordable pollution mask ? "

By then, we've start to think about the wearer and what do they really need to commute safely every day without having breathing issues.

First, we have selected the right fabrics by choosing relevant materials that meet the certifications standards for viral protection.

Pure Breathe Masks Filters N95 and N99, both meet the standard breathing resistance efficiency and the bacterial filtering efficiency tested By Nelson Lab USA.   

Our Pure Breathe Mask will help you not breathe toxic volatiles compounds while cycling, running or simply while walking by in the streets.

Our face mask are equipped with breathing valve and carbon filters N95 and N99, to catch out the smallest particles up to 0,3µ, PM2.5, PM10, and will protect you by almost 100%.

The filters structure from 5 to 7 layers are tested with silver and comply with the regulations for protection against pollution, dust, bacterias, flu, viruses,smog and toxic gases.

This is how we can now provide you different face mask to suit your personal needs, either you want to use a pollution mask for cycling, running, working or commuting. 

filter process dust and toxi particle - Carbon activated layer filter structure




What about you ?


Cycling, running, walking...

For sure, you would like to protect yourself. 

Then, stay away from dust, allergy, bacteria...

Keep out of toxic gas and dangerous volatiles compounds.

Now, it's time to try and test our face mask and notice the positive effects of wearing one in your city or while travelling.

Check your filters and you'll be surprised by the amount of toxic compounds you avoid breathing.

Stay Safe !  

Just Breathe Free and take a Pure Breathe Mask.

The Pure Breathe Mask Team.


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