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Why Pure Breathe Masks ?

Pure Breathe Mask is designed to offer you a protection against viral contamination and pollution.

An anti pollution mask that meet the filtration standards, catch out nearly 100% of toxic compounds, incorporate carbon filter mask N99 to filter out small particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3

Pure breathe mask filter technology hold most of the smallest polluting particles, like gases, viruses, bacteria, pollen, smoke, dust, exhausts and toxic volatiles compounds such as benzene.

Equipped with a one way smart valve system to make you breathe free and easy, with no contraflow.

An exhalation valve to help you remove heat, moisture, and control inhaling polluted air.

Replace or upgrade your filters from 5 to 7 layers structure, and easily change your breathing valves.

Pure Breathe - anti pollution masks, are made of neoprene for cycling, mesh fabric for sport  & outdoor activities, or cotton for your daily commute.

Light, easy, trendy and skin friendly, get the proper face mask for your proper needs !

"Breathe Free...Breathe natural... Take a Pure Breath !"

Pure Breathe Masks Specifications

Cycling Mask - Neoprene

Durable, Soft, Comfortable and Ventilated

N99 Carbon Filters, 7 layers structure

Catch particles up to PM2.5

2 Breathing Valves

Velcro Fastening & Neoprene fabric

Need a better breath while cycling outside ?

Stay away from exhaust and keep your lungs fresh !



Sport Mask - Mesh Technology

Light, Soft and Comfortable design 

N99 Carbon Filters, 6 layers structure

Catch particles up to PM2.5 

2 Breathing Valves Adjustment

Mesh fabric & non adjustable earloops

Breathe free while training ! 

Stay away of dust, bacteria and toxic compounds.



Face Mask N95 - Cotton

100% Soft Cotton, smooth and comfortable

N99 Carbon Filter, 5 Layers structure

Catch particles up to PM2.5

Exhalation Valve 

Earloops fastening adjustment

Choose your own style

Stay away from Pollution, Fog, Smog, Flu, Dust or Allergy 



Filters Mask Technology

Catch the smallest particles pollution such as PM2.5 & PM0.3

N99 Activated Carbon Filter tested, up to 7 layers structure

Filter out nearly 100% of toxic gas particles  

Easy washable and replaceable filter.

Stay out off dust, bacteria, viruses, allergy and gas pollution such as Benzene and other volatile coumpounds


Carbon Filter N95 - 5 layers - Pure breathe filter technology

Face Mask N95 - How it works ?

Filters PM2.5 & Earloops

Pure Breathe masks are equipped with carbon filters PM2.5, to keep you away from toxic particles.

Simply insert the filter in your cotton mask, and you ready to go !



Make sure your pollution mask fit your face, by adjusting the noseclip.

Easily adjust your mask thanks to the flexible and stretch earloop.


Breathing Valve

Each Pure Breathe face mask offers comfortable breathing thanks to the valve.

One-way anti-flow system, to give you extra protection and easy breathing.


Pure Breathe - pollution masks - How it protect me from pollution

How Pure Breathe Masks protect me from pollution ?

Keep in mind that the main function of a mask is to filter out as much as possible toxic particles.

Being exposed to PM2.5 and other particles negatively affect our health and can cause serious damages.

Protect yourself from toxic gases released by exhausts and choose adequate pollution protection.

Pure Breathe provide anti pollution masks that suit the needs of cyclists, runners, bikers, workers, commuters, everyone facing risk of pollution issues.

"Breathe free...  Breathe Natural... Take Pure Breathe face mask!"


Customer Reviews

Since I get my cycling mask, I really feel better on my bike.

I don't breathe exhausts anymore. A very nice mask !

Gary A. - Bike Commuter

This Sport Mask in mesh is light, comfortable and efficient.

Amazing Mask, just what I need for running  !

Sarah K. - City Runner

" My face mask N95 is awesome ! 

Very light, smooth and comfortable.

Not disturbing at all, I don't even feel it.  "

R. Scott